What We Do


KiwiChem assists in development of concepts, process models, analytical methods & test programs for manufacturing industrial chemicals, fuel, feed, and food from renewable resources.

KiwiChem process designs and economic analyses help guide such programs towards cost-effective robust scale-up to commercial scale facilities.

KiwiChem also assists in technical due diligence, including site visits, in USA, Europe and Asia for investments in the range of US$2 Million to US$300 Million.

Feedstocks of interest include corn, cassava, sugar cane, biomass, CO, CO2, CH4, glycerol, and fatty acids. Chemicals of interest are primarily low molecular weight alcohols, aldehydes & ketones, amides, amines, amino acids, esters, glycols, organic acids, lactones, lactams, glycolides, dioxanes, and dioxolanes.

Since 1994 KiwiChem has been engaged in technical projects for clients including DuPont, Tate & Lyle, Cargill, Eli Lilly, Koch Industries, and Novozymes; Ascenix, Arzeda, BioVapor,  Draths, Gevo, LanzaTech, LS9, Segetis and others